Our Process


How We Do What We Do

At Grand Contracting, we tailor a unique approach for each client in order to fit individual circumstances and needs. Our team consistently works with developers, architects, design/build subcontractors, and third party clients to develop high-quality buildings. We form design teams based upon project-specific expertise and oversee their collaboration with our experienced team of builders.   


As builders who manage the design process,

we create design teams with knowledge about project-specific construction needs.   


As builders who construct,

we fully understand the nuances of designs before and throughout construction phases.


Why Our Approach Works

This creative approach makes every design/build project personalized and centered on meeting each client's specific needs. We strive to create an environment where demand for our products, services, and solutions will result in rewarding experiences for our customers.

Our approach also allows our team to streamline project design and construction phases, meaning we can work quickly and intentionally to meet clients' financial objectives. By consistently delivering quality results, we have earned the respect, trust, and business of our clients. We sustain relationships because of our dedication and performance, and we remain focused on safely delivering the owner’s vision on time and within budget. 

Grand Contracting prioritizes maintaining communication with each client throughout the project. When we understand your needs, we can build the optimal teams to exceed them. We encourage clients to participate in design and job-site meetings, ensuring that your voice is heard and your vision becomes a reality. Because we work closely with our clients, we often build teams months prior to working together, creating an integrated project delivery. We believe that a better process and outcome result from working together.